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by getting a number of grizzly bears. They were
easier to hunt at this time of the year; for they
were already getting fat and sleepy for their
hibernation. We made big camps and stayed
there for days while our warriors went out to hunt.

While our mothers spent most of their time
curing the pelts and making them Into robes,
clothing, and buckskin, we boys spent our time
catching marmots and mountain-gophers. We
could run and catch the big5 fat, whistling mar-
mots, but the gophers a bigger brother of our
prairie-dog, was more wary. We had to set a trap
for him. They were so suspicious that every time
they came out of their holes they would first stick
their heads out and peer around in every direction
before hopping out. So we made long lariats out
of buckskin thongs and left a loose loop at one end.
We would place this loop around the top of the
gopher hole and lie and wait until he stuck his
head ouL Then we would jerk the lariat quickly
and catch him by the neck in a noose. At the
end of these thongs we would drag them back to
camp and let them battle with our dogs.

One day we got a big surprise that nearly cost
at least one of our lives* We saw a big hole and
thought It was the hole of a marmot. So we laid
our noose around it and waited. Presently a
large* brown shaggy head came out of the hole,
and we gave a quick jerk* There was a terrible